Full Service Consulting

iBien Health Benefits Consulting Services boasts an incredible number of skilled and experienced industry experts, allowing us to be a leader in the field. We deal with businesses of all sorts, providing a variety of services to ensure your company is finacially stable and running smoothly around the clock. 

Human Resources

iBien helps companies of all sizes navigate through the complexities of health benefits to put together the best plan recommendations from all of the major carriers along with viable alternatives that are currently available in the marketplace. As a consulting firm we are not reliant on the commissions that a standard insurance agent depends on, so we truly do have your best interest in mind. We have the capability to build a complete solution that includes medical, dental, vision, life, section125, cobra, and various payroll services.

Revenue Cycle 

iBien has the experience, tools and resources to help organizations through the whole revenue cycle to better manage their cash flow. Whether they have a product or service based business, we will help assess their current financial situation and implement the necessary changes that will impact the bottom line in a positive way. We look at both processes and software packages to determine how companies can be more efficient without incurring excessive costs.

Supply Chain 

iBien works with the whole supply chain process to assess and implement changes at the strategic, tactical and operational level in order for companies to be more cost effective and competitive in this current economic situation. We look at both processes and software packages to determine how companies can be more efficient without incurring excessive costs.

iBien looks at an organization from the top down in order to determine if it is properly set with the right amount of leadership, structure and support necessary for the company to be effective.

Sales & Marketing


We look at how things are done and ways to improve upon them in order to save you money and help you make more money in order for your business to be more sustainable. 

We have proven methodologies that will increase market awareness, penetration and sales through various channels that will grow your business organicly.

Organizational Management

Mergers & Acquisition

Investment Banking/Financing

If you are looking to expand your company through a buyout or exit through a sell off, we have the expertise to find the right targets of potential buyers/sellers at the best market prices. 

We have a vast network of financing options that can give you the capital to help your business grow and flourish. We can find solutions utilizing our deep networks that range from hedge funds, private equity, Angels up to institutional lending. We will put the right financial package together for you.